Monday, November 1

How to Become a Homosexual

I find all the scary talk of homos recruiting children to their deviatn lifestyle hysterically funny. I mean the concept is beyond ludicrious. When was the last time someone tried to convert you, pray tell. This reminds me of a true story.

I used to live near the Uof O. A good friend managed the apartment building next door to me. Jennifer is a large, lovable, lesbian- which will be relavent in a minute. While I was getting ready to leave for some errands I had the TV on and another deluded Christian fundementalist was foaming at the mouth about the gay agenda. Of all the things wrong in the world, of all the evil, injustice, destruction of the environment and bad fashion, what do people decide to get in high dungeon about? What someone does to whom in the privacy of their bedroom. Talk about confused priorities.

I snapped off the TV as I left. I stopped by Jennifers’ apartment to drop off somthing; noticing my irritation, she asked what I was annoyed about this time. I told her about the latest crap these folks were spewing.

“ I have been around gays all my life and not once, has anyone tried to recruit me.”

“Oh would you like to be a lesbian, I have an application form right here.” she said without missing a beat. It seems all my friends are certified smart asses.

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