Sunday, October 9

For What It's Worth

There is a new revolution in the air. People rising up and protesting a corrupt government that limits their rights. Where greed corruption, violence and suppression run amok and the population is fed up and fighting back. I'm not talking about Syria or Egypt, I'm talking here in the US. Some may think Occupy Wall Street isn't worth the attention.

 I seen thing sort of thing before and so have many others.

This is not a left or right issue. The greed and power abused by the banks and the government affects everyone- at least the 99% who don't control the wealth inn this country.
The ruination of real democracy in this country is money and the power it brings.

There is something simple and basic we can all do to change the status quo.  Move your money to a credit union or local bank. Limit or eliminate the use of a credit card. Buy local. Write to your congressman or representative and complain loudly. Tell them you will NOT vote for anyone who supports the avarice of Wall Street.

You believe in small government- good, get the government out of the their pockets. You believe in fiscal responsibility- good practice it and demand it of institutions. You can make a difference.

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