Thursday, October 13

The War on Drugs has Failed.

Forty years ago Richard Nixon declared war on drugs and a recent commission has shown it to be a huge, dismal, expensive failure.

It's the typical narrow mindset that has continued this farce. If we do the same thing over and over, we'll get different results. If we just keep at it a little longer it will work. Nope. The fact is drugs are big, stupid, insane amounts of money for dealers, law enforcement, private prisons and drug companies. They like the war on drugs because there is so much money to be made, power to gain and general mayhem that profits them in one way or another. Fuck the addicts.

Never mind the abuse of power, lose of innocent lives, the political unrest and damage to those who can benefit from drugs. Oh no. We must stop the flow of drugs at all costs. Except the flow has not been stopped at all but all the other things listed have increased.

Please let's change our thinking. Raise our voice and say stop-this isn't working.

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