Wednesday, May 30

More from "Talon Tales"

An excerpt from "Zoe and Toby's Adventure". A second narrator gives his POV of our heroes, picking up from the last installment.

Like a slight tingle one feels in cold air announcing snow, I knew the portal was ready to bring forth a offworlder again and there they were. 
I spotted them first, a short woman, petite but muscled, someone who was physical and a big man with hair the color of old copper. They seemed oblivious to the stares they got as they sat down at a table in the local tavern.
Then palace guards showed up and everything went wrong. The two managed to escape the melee. I finally untangled myself from the mess of angry tavern customers but it was to late. By the time I caught up with them, they were being lead away to the town garrison. She was unconscious and the big man was thrashing about wildly.

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