Wednesday, May 30

Talon Tales - "Zoe and Toby's Adventure"

Our heroes find themselves in a local jail after their brawl. Their accomplice explains the situation they are in.

“I suppose you could fool Gandolph into thinking you’re not worth much.” Tivoli bit his lip, not too convinced of his own reasoning. He saw the look of puzzlement and concern on my face.
“ He has been involved in the trafficking of humans. I should point out this is highly illegal. I imagine slavery is forbidden where you come from?” he continued with disgust, crossing his arms in an attempt to hold his temper, I think.
“Very much so.” I replied with equal disgust and got a really bad feeling about this scenerio. I glanced at Toby and his expression seem to say the same thing. Warning.
“Why hasn’t anyone tried to stop this Gandolph fellow?” Toby said.
“Because he is the Prestige . No one has caught him in the act so nothing was done.”
“How do we know you’re not in on it?” Toby said harshly. Tivoli looked mortally offended. He opened his mouth to say something more when the big door banged open again and a beer keg sized barrel was set down on the landing.
A tall thin guard greeted everyone and cheerfully announced the day’s meal. His ironic manner was not appreciated by the inmates who slowly lined up. We joined the line and received a bowl of rather bland looking stew and a hunk of heavy coarse bread.
“I don’t suppose you have any cabernet sauvingnon to go with this?” I asked with mock hopefullness. The man ladling the soup stared blankly at me. I could hear Toby convulsed with laughter behind me. Well it was worth a try, I sighed. We retreated to our little corner and ate in silence. The bread tasted like cardboard and the stew was- forgettable.

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