Friday, June 1

What was I thinking about?

Blogging is not for everyone. Some people have lots to say about nothing. Some people have plenty to say and not enough words to say it. Writing is not as easy as you think, and there is an endless variety of subject matter. I have been told repeatedly to focus my blog on spacefic subjects catering to the reader. Except I don't work that way.Besides I have no idea what you dear readers want to read.

It's like, ok let's say you go to a party, you have a an idea of what kind of people will be there because it's at a frat house or an art gallery or a family dinner. How many people plan ahead of time (speeches don't count) what exactly they are going to talk about at a gathering? Do you mentally make a check list of handy topics of discussion?  Of course not, I don't. Maybe it's the Autism, maybe it's my snobbishness about intelligent conversation but I simply have too many topics of interest to just stick to a few. I like it when there are four or five different conversations going on. Just look at a the small sampling of blog sites I peruse on a regular basis. Aikido, metaphysics, writing, global politics, old tv shows, new movies, fictional characters. I think about deep things every day - we all should. 

So you may not like all the subjects I discuss, that's alright. Like cruising a party there's always another topic to explore. So what's on your mind?

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