Tuesday, November 20

The Modern Auto de Fe

The Catholic church, the reigning authority of morality and law used to burn people they judged as sinners in a public square as a warning to others.

We don't do that anymore, instead we incinerate careers with the mere whisper of indecency. Look at what happened to General Patreus and the voice of Elmo when their private lives  were shoved out into the public eye for all to gloat and revile.

The media and their accusers dragged them out like the townspeople who threw a whore at the feet of Jesus and demanded judgement. Unlike Jesus however, too many of us are ready to pick up a stone to hurl at the victim as if we are without sin.

Was anyone maimed or killed with these indiscretions? No. Were the victims unwitting participants in the affairs? No. Then why are we pretending these incidents are unforgivable acts that require immediate retribution without giving the accused the chance answer to the accusations? Why are we so quick to judge?

It's none of our business, but then we don't live in a world where there is any privacy anymore. Remember that the next time you cheat or look at porn or have a melt down and say something inappropriate at a gathering. Remember that the next time you post a picture in jest or a video of someone naked at a private party and it goes viral.

It can ruin someone's life that easy. And you're next.

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