Saturday, January 5

The Year in Review.

Here are a few brief entries that didn't make the cut but I decided to throw them  in until I get my brain working again.

So the end of the world didn't come, how disappointing.
The big end of the Mayan long count amounted to a yawn for most awaiting the apocolypse BUT unbeknown to them there was a radical change in the world they just didn't see it because they were expecting a blockbuster movie ending and got reality instead. Life goes on, darn it.

The idiots Are in Charge
Congress, the President and the media, in that order. That is all.

Guns Don't Kill People, Stupid, ignorant, Crazy people kill people- with guns.
There's no punch line to this just more social hand wringing and inertia because we're too fucked up imitating Congress.

LGBT or . . .

Ok there has to be a better term to cover the sexual spectrum beyond hetero.
-Lesbian, well this is just another term for gay woman .Because even when identifying a different group women must be separated from men. Let's just use gay.
-Gay, see above but includes guys with fabulous wardrobes.
-Bisexual- let's just say switch hitters. Sick of men and their head trips about their penis or obsession with football? Date women. Sick of women and their head trips about their weight, self esteem and obsession with shoes-? Back to guys. Lucky bastards.
-Transgender, replaced transsexual which sounded like someone who likes sex on the cross town bus. These are people who know what they are but confuse the rest of us like that old SNL skit "It's Pat". Also they have no sense of humor about confused the rest of us are. How about Unisex.

That's it for now.

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