Thursday, December 20

Everyone's Opinion Counts Except Yours

Another tragedy with endless commentaries, hand wringing and general hyperbole from media and the internet. I have waited what I hope is an appropriate length of time before jumping into the issue currently consuming every damn news site.

Gun control, mental illness , senseless violence from men and it's all the homos fault. Amid all this babble is a complete and utter lack of civil discourse. Pundits accuse the Media, in their rush to get it first, of how much they got wrong, but they are just as quick with their judgments and end up being hypocritical too.

I am constantly astonished at how people love to shout out their opinion on the latest without any sense of manners, knowledge of the subject or the consequences of their actions.

The killer at Sandy Hook was misidentified by the carelessness of the media and the poor brother was buried under a blitz of comments from complete strangers. Did any of those nameless, faceless people ever apologize once they discovered the mistake?

No. Because on the internet anonymity let's you think you can be a tactless monster with no karmatic debt involved. Except there is one. You will be the next victim of a random attack sure as I'm sitting here with a cynical smirk on my face.

It has brought out the worst in society. A 12 minute witch hunt until the next poor slob comes along to feed on. I think I'll stay away from the TV and the internet when the next horrible example happens.

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