Saturday, May 4

Human Diversity

I recently commented to a friend the extraordinary fact that all dogs are descended from a single breed. That's right, from the smallest chihauhua to the great Dane. This speaks of an incredible genetic diversity. My friend wondered what would humans be like if we had the same kind of diversity.

We do. Not so much in physical appearance- although there is lots of that, but in our psychological make up. We range from the spirituality of the Hugging Saint to The Westboro Church ( I won't even call them Baptists) and everything in between.

It is this vast range of diversity that is our great strength and weakness. It keeps us from falling victim to universal hive mind mentality yet it also keeps us from forming a unifying ideology that would put an end to so much strife like war, indifference and religious/ tribal/ political disagreements.

Perhaps our evolution lies in finding a point somewhere in the middle. A harmonious balance between the extremes.

Just a thought.

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