Tuesday, June 11

Hypocrisy of the Day

 I was in a discusion with a group of people the other day when the topic of panhandlers came up. They debated whether these people were really poor or scammers. This one looked healthy, this one had a cell phone, this one had a nice car.

I couldn’t believe they had the gall to demonize others so quickly. How easy it is to judge based on superfical apperances. Yes they have a cell phone, they’re cheap, how could one look for a job, network or stay safe without one? Yes they have a car but it’s all they have. 

I never make assumptions about the economic status of someone hanging around a corner with a sign. How much of your pride would you have to give up to do that? How many of you would give up your car if it was the only possession of value you had? 

Poverty does not strip one of all their worldly goods, it strips one of dignity. We all hang onto the ones that are important to us. Many people are assest rich but cash poor. Many own houses but are bankrupt.

Judge not or you will be judged. Remember that the next time you see someone asking not for a hand out but a hand up.

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