Tuesday, July 30

We Have a Pope and This One's a Winner

Pope Francis “Frankie”, replaced Pope ”Benny” and not a moment too soon. The church has kept it’s head in the sand about financial corruption, power struggles among the cardinals and the sinful raping of child for decades. Along comes a man who eschews the lavish trappings of the office, who is geniunely dismayed by the wealth and indiffereence of the church and advocates for the poor. The vatican curia, the people behind the throne are so shocked by his Christian airs they try to pull the “what his holiness really meant to say” PR. crap.

From St. Malachi to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce there have been predications about the line of popes and the demise of the church. This one, according to the prophesy, is the last one. Who knows what will happen but this one is engaging in a super human feat of transforming the biggest and most secretive fraternity in the world and doing a fine job so far.Viva il Papa.

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