Tuesday, July 30

Here We Go Again

The  Russians have jumped on the homophobic bandwagon for the usual reasons as a distraction from the cultural and economic decline it’s going thru and a way for Putin to bring back the old Soviet Union in a new disguise. They are hosting the 2014 winter Olympics with the hopes of a windfall. But leave it to the short sighted, the narrow minded and outright stupid Ruskies to shoot themselves in the foot. The response to their ill advised anti gay laws is a big fat Olympic boycott. Even if the boycott is unsuccessful, it’s going to be a big mess.

 But I say, let gay athletes and fans go to the olympics and the first time one of them is beat up - and it will happen- the shit will hit the fan and everyone should leave. The stupid fucking Russian people are going to realize while their were following Tsar Vladimir they got screwed when their economy and world reputation goes in the dumper. But let’s face it, we really don't need anything from that country anyway do we?

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