Wednesday, August 7

We Are Enabling the Spies

We complain that the NSA etc are collecting data on us but we are making it so easy by handing it to them on a silver platter. We are spying on ourselves.  We talk about where we are constantly on Twitter and facebook. We show off pictures of the inside of our homes to total strangers. We share things "anonymously" on the net we would never share with our family or friends. News flash people, the government has found a super easy way to eavesdrop on your private life.

Stop doing that. Some have become so paranoid about information leakage they are going back to the old typewriter so their writing can't be traced.

I don't use a cell phone or drive a car so it's a little harder for the federales to track my every movement via a GPS. I have a hard wired land line  it even has a real bell in it.

Meanwhile if you are worried about who is data tracking check out this.

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