Monday, October 28

Reality Needs Better Advertising

It’s late October and here in the Northwest we’ve had temps in the mid 60’s. The weather has been strange and extreme all over the place. This cliamte change really has me worried.

“Stop worrying. It’s not climate change, think of as a seasonal adjustment.” Wiley the court jester piped up. “ Instead of denying it or speak of it as doom and gloom we need to look at the upside of global warming. Two words: winter picnics. Take advantage of it.”

“You sound like an advertising agent.”

“Hey if spin is good enough for the tabacco industry and the government, it’s good enough for the denial of science.” Wiley proudly nodded. 

“I don’t know why I bother talking to you. It’s like listening to Michele Bachman or Rush Limbaugh.” I replied.

“Hey, take that back. I’m sardonic not crazy.” 

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