Monday, August 11

The Writer Within -Update

My novel is at the stage of being edited much the way a film is edited. The director and editor sit in front of a digital editing monitor, putting one version of  a scene here, cutting another one there and arranging things so  the story unfolds in the right order. They will watch and rewatch a scene dozens of times making constant changes. They will do this for hours over several weeks or months.

This would drive me up the wall in exactly 30 seconds. You can imagine my state of mind as I face a similar task with my own grand opus. So I'm taking my time and reminding myself that even though I wrote the story in chronological order, the story will not be told in that order. This confuses my orderly brain. While mulling this conflict I was reminded of an earlier epiphany I had about the art of writing. It's still a monumental task.

Stay tuned.

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