Tuesday, May 20

Did Adam Have a Belly Button?

I have written primarily about aikido on this site and will continue to do so. I also want to practice the art of the essay and hope, dear reader, you will be entertained by my efforts. These essays are not meant to anger anyone or cause heated debate but to make you think more deeply about the world around you. Consider them lessons in critical thinking. I am interested in making you look at things from a different perspective and possibly find solutions to some problems.

I spend a lot of time thinking, that’s what writers do. I’m one one of those people who wonders about deep subjects like reality, metaphysics and social behavior. In the last week I have pondered small scale construction techniques, how legalized hemp farming could save Oregon’s economy, the meaning of several vivid dreams I’ve had and deciphering the design and creation of crop circles. Those are small potatoes compared to contemplating the nature of fear and how it drives us, the purpose of reincarnation and sharpening my psychic abilities through meditation and ki training.

I don’t know the answers but I enjoy the task of finding them. I like a good intellectual puzzle better than chocolate. Thinking is what I do best. Whether it’s figuring out the meaning of life, organizing my writing or figuring out what happens next to the characters in my latest novel.

And why do men have nipples?

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Anonymous said...

Why do men have nipples? Simple - in the womb everyone starts out in female form - it takes a strong hormonal cocktail [hmmm interesting word] to change the female form to include all those extras that guys have -- it would probably fry their brains to remove the nipples, besides which they aren't really in the way of anything. Emma Peel