Thursday, July 31

Food Glorious Food

Whenever I go traveling I’m always in search of a great dining experience and end up disappointed. I really wanted to taste some great sushi on this trip. I mentioned this to Louis Sloss who raised his eyebrows in alarm. It can be costly he warned and I had a limited budget. Nothing too pricey I amended.

Except for two occasion when I was left to my own judgement I have to say the food on this trip was excellent. The sushi we had for lunch at the Ki -Aikido headquarters cafeteria was was one of the best meals I ever had. Even the bento box lunches we had on the trains were filling and delicious.

As I mentioned I am a fussy eater but I ate everything that was put in front of me. Half the time I had no idea what it was but dug in. I never had to spit anything out, an occasion Sloss Sensei was grateful not to witness. I was surprised at how I took to the Japanese diet and avoided American food whenever possible. At one restuarant we sat down at a table with a grill set in the middle. Can you imagine an American restuarant that would trust the customers to sit in front of a hot grill without having to sign a waiver first? I’m still not sure of all the contents of that meal but I left full.

I had the best breakfast in Osaka. Sitting with the senior instructors was a trifle intimidating but they were pleasant company. Tabata Sensei informed me, if you want to eat good food, Osaka was the place. I believe him.

The last night in Tokyo the whole group went out for shabu-shabu. This is a meal where the diners place pieces of raw meat and vegtables into a large pot of boiling water where it is quickly cooked. Fabulous.

Of all the memories I have of Japan it was the food I will cherish the most. Bon appetit.

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