Friday, August 1

My traveling companion

Introducing Moose

My friend Kerry has this cute little finger puppet of a bunny she calls Foo who appears in many installments of her blog ( Kerry’s, not the bunny’s). Normally I find cute little sidekicks, annoying and childish but there’s something about Foo and her Mama I find appealing. Sort of like the traveling gnome.

I lamented to Kerry my lack of traveling buddy- along with my lack of traveling. She sent me a puppet of my own; a small red unicorn with a green and yellow stripe across his belly - it is definitely a he. He sat on my desk going nowhere. I was impatient to know his name and go traveling but being a unicorn he remained silent and patient. Then one day he introduced himself as Moose.

“Moose?” that’s an odd name for a unicorn. He was unperturbed by my reaction.

“We’re going to Japan together.” he explained simply and so we did.

You will spot him in several photos(that’s him showing off the best meal I had in Japan). Whether hanging out , literally, in my shirt pocket or being held aloft he enjoyed the great sites we visited as much as I did. I can’t wait to go traveling with him again.

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