Wednesday, October 15

the teahouse rises

I have been working on my Japanese teahouse in fits and starts. Ok so I'm making this up as I go along with no blue print and have never built anything from scratch adds to the frustration. Still. It is coming together slowly. I finally got the roof on. I decided on a quaint board and batten design instead of a bland standard asphalt tile. It took me two days to lay down one side of the roof and I was anxious to get the other side done as rain was predicted. Help came from my friend Steve "I'm really santa" P. and his trusty nail gun.( He really does look like Santa.)

Now I'm a snob at carpentry, I use a hammer for gawd sake but when he finished off the roof in an hour I was sold. Get me one of these babies for Christmas. If you look carefully you'll see one side of the roof boards are "proud" i.e. sticks up higher. This is an old building technique from the 17th century that prevents leaking. The more I see it, the more I like it.

Now to finish the interior. Stay tuned.

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