Monday, November 17

The House of the Spirit

The outside walls of my tea house are completed and I finished insulating the ceiling and walls. I’m ready for the interior framing- when I get some more money. Which is why I resisted the urge to work on it today even though it was unseasonably warm ( 74 degrees). It was just too nice to work.

“Oh really” my inner critic whined “What pray tell is the reason for working on this quaint little house instead of doing something IMPORTANT like -oh finding a job?!” it ended sarcastically. For once I was in agreement.

I have better things to do, and yet. . . I can’t explain it but feel it is profoundly important to me to finish this project. It’s a mystyery to me. The other inner voice- the voice of inspiration that I’ve rarely heard from these days, reminds me to just keep at it. Like everyone I’ve told about this thing. I may be broke but I’ll have a cool place to retreat to and they all agree it’s cool idea. No lectures or doubts of my sanity, so I must be on the right track.

The building reflects my spiritual journey in many ways. The frustration when things weren’t fitting right. The mis measurements that I didn’t notice until it was too late requiring me to start over. The feeling of relief when pieces fell into place smoothly, or when supplies showed up just when I was ready to stop for a while -or quit all together.

Just like my aikido training, like my life. Hmmm.

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