Sunday, August 30

What time is it?

My day - hour by hour.

7 am Too early to get up since I have no regular job. Continue sleeping in hopes of a fabulous inspiring dream that will jump start my dormant writing.

8 am Awkened by dreams of toilets, waterfalls and running water. I get up for the morning pee, return to warm bed.

9 am Have yet another boring dream involving mindless rambling, dull scenery and stupid strangers. Where’s a good wet dream when you need one?

10 am Awakened from sound sleep yet again, by a fire truck siren. There’s a training facility a couple of blocks away. What are they doing practicing or an emergency donut run? Either that or it’s a noisy crow or neighbor. When I decide to get up the noise stops. Unbelievable.

11-12 am I have morning tea, breakfast. Stare at wall wondering why I got out of bed since I have no purpose in life or a job.

1-2 pm If it’s Thursday or Friday I go to the library for 3 hours of work cleaning CD/DVD discs, while trading bon mots with the G-man. Otherwise I run endless little errands that need to get done.

3 pm Jean Paul Sartre said “3 pm is either too early or too late in the day to start anything.”

4 pm Oprah’s on!

5 pm News. I yell at the stupid reporters onTV until I see the weather report.

6 pm Open refrigerator in hopes the random food in various states of freshness and/or decay will magically turn into dinner. Get a beer instead.

7 pm Watch Jeopardy! and hypothetically win thousands. I rock on this show. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday I rock in aikido class.

8 pm Time for more beer. Decide on either waste time watching TV, or crusing the internet. Once again avoiding writing or do something creative and productive. Get another beer.

9-11 pm TV sucks so I spend two hours on the internet. Not an improvement.

Midnight Last beer gone so I go to bed.

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