Tuesday, December 29

Homos vs. The Moralists Part 763

Man do conservatives hate homos. Especially the ones who want to marry. They go on and on about how perverse, how immoral and uppity those homos are to demand equal rights. The nerve. The constant bickering and noise from both sides is annoying as hell.

Well, I have an idea to stop all this nonsense. Call it weird and out there but it occurred to me if you really want these people to shut up already- stop campaigning for same sex marriages. I know it sounds counter intuitive but the way to deal with bullies is to ignore them; they love nothing better than a fight. Picking on a minority who can’t push back is their M.O. Don’t give them any ammo and they’re stumped.

After about 3 months of gloating over how they stopped the “homosexual agenda” and claim victory, the moralists will be stuck. They will have turn their attention to real issues that affect families and marriages, you know things like poverty, violence and the 51% divorce rate.

Then quietly, sensibly, the matter of equality under the law will be addressed and settled. We won’t have to listen to the hypocritical bombast anymore and can get back to normal life.

Until another group can be found and picked on as the hate du jour. Sigh.

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