Wednesday, December 30

Top ten blog ideas

A new blog? I have been rethinking the purpose of my blog. The entries have meandered all over the place since chronicling my training for a black belt in aikido. Much like my own thinking, nothing wrong with that but it can be distracting. Perhaps gentle readers you can help me find a new direction and help you find a voice as well. Here are some suggestions from the authors of “Design Your Life”

1. Write a book, like the authors of “Design Your Life” did. They posted chapters, solicited suggestions from readers, worked out ideas. This could work as the original intent of my blog was to work on my book “Stubborn Turtle” before it got away from me.

2. Start a reading club. Pick a book, tag some friends, read the book, discuss.

3. Teach a class. Now there’s a cool idea. Many Community Colleges already have on line classes, why not one of my own. I wanted to teach a class on Metaphysics for beginners and this might be a good way to do it.

4. Build a portfolio. See #1. Store photos, writing, or links to projects for use by possible employers, clients, agents and editors. Especially editors.

5. Curate an exhibit. Nah, not for me. That would involve cataloging photos, art or writing of other people. I have enough of my own crap to handle.

6. Brand a business. Advertise your business whatever it is. Sounds iffy to me. Some things sell on the internet and some don’t, it can be hit or miss.

7. Form a support group. This actually sounds like it would work, this is already done on bulletin boards and chat rooms but hey why not a blog.

8. Share your expertise. Whatever your skill, use a blog to give instructions, provide examples and store information.

9. Plan an event. Wedding, party, birthday etc. Hey let’s take over the world.

10. Listen and learn. Don’t just sit there reading people, feedback, I want feedback. Pick a subject, start a conversation, suggest cool links, leave comments. Join the fun.

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