Thursday, December 31

Libraries are Good for Everybody

I was at the library one day, doing my library DVD/CD polishing thing when I came across a Barney DVD. Ewww. The idea of cleaning it and sending back into circulation gave me pause. Whoever came up with the concept really understood a child’s mind because adults hate him. I say we should burn Barney in effigy, dammit. So what if it would be upsetting to kids, they aren’t traumatized enough I say.

I looked at the surface of the disc as I always do and noticed deep scratches in it. I showed to the DVD guru in technical support.

“Boss, I could be wrong but this looks like it was clawed by a mountain lion. I don’t think it’s salvageable.” she agreed and it was tossed. Yes! I have removed a clone of the hideous purple beast from the world. My work is done.

As I basked in the glow of triumph I looked around and was suddenly struck by the wonder of libraries.

Think about it. An entire facility devoted to the collecting and cataloging of books, media, magazines, the internet and a dozen other services for the public to access. Look at how big an infrastructure they are just for citizens to use- and withdraw material from-for free.

Oh sure they are voted on and paid for with taxes but at a bargain I might add. The one here in Eugene is modern, spacious and heavily used. There are long waiting lists for some books and movies. On average I wait at least an half an hour to use the computers for internet access. It’s always busy. You can ask a librarian who will gladly help you find what you are looking for, unlike, say Borders ( if you can find an employee).

Libraries are the last bastion of free speech, unfettered information and unlimited knowledge. I have learned so much and saved thousands of dollars by using my library card. And I am ridding the world of Barney too.

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