Friday, January 1

Year in Review-it's short entry

2009 didn’t start off real well. I spent the first six months really depressed while I slaved away at the tea house construction. The summer was a string of Saturdays at the Market doing tarot readings ( $5 for a quickie and $12 for a long one, and get your mind out of the gutter.)

July saw the completion -more or less of the tea house with a fabulous blessing by a Buddhist monk and friends who gathered to ooh an aah the little treasure which I escape to whenever I can. Thanks Steve Parrish for your help raising the roof.

I thought I had hit rock bottom as a writer because nothing I mean NOTHING was happening in the inspiration department , Man I was ready to kill that creative muse if I could find the bitch. Then something amazing happened- I entered the National Novel Writing Month (web link) contest and wrote a novel I had been wanting to write for 25 years. I finished it in 51,000 plus words and 27 days. Yes!!

For a month I was happy. I woke up every day excited about putting words down on paper - in long hand and loving every fucking stressed out- “got to get it down “rock and roll moment. The hell with anti-depressents I found my bliss baby. I end the year with the promise of working on the 2nd draft of “Private Audience” in time for the screenplay contest in April.

The next year is already filling up with promises of another aikido demonstration at the Asian Celebration in February and competition in April. I will be planning a party for my big 50 birthday in March and bracing myself to get a tattoo to mark the occasion.

The summer will be spent doing tarot at the Saturday Market again. And writing, lots of writing. Give me ideas folks I’m ready to dive in.Whew!

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