Thursday, March 25

The Future Looks Agrarian

Here is the future if any of these trends are indications. Instead of making cars we will be planting farms. It's not just in this country and even governments are getting involved. Are we finally beginning to see mass produced food is a bad idea? Food, the very thing that gives us life is not something that should factory produced on an assembly line.

China used to force farmers to grow food for the masses. They were unhappy and unproductive until the government said " Ok you can grow and sell your own produce too." they produced more and were happier. Why? Because their needs were being considered too. It reassures us all when we know where our food comes from,how it was grown and that it's safe to eat. Growing your own food can be immensely gratifying.

It's maddening when those who profit from corporate farming insist that you- the ignorant person growing stuff in your back yard are doing it all wrong and we know better ( i.e we make make more money).

We do know better and we will live longer and be healthier if we take charge of what we eat and where it comes from. Sure it takes time, money and energy to produce your own food, it's hard work. It's much easier to get in the care and drive to the grocery store. I don't it's practical to abandon our present way of life over night but we should honor and patronize the local farmer who works hard and doesn't get enough support for their efforts.

Come to think of it, since our economy is in the dumper organic production might be a good idea for a start up business.

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