Tuesday, March 30

We are All the Same

When I hear of the latest outrage from a pundit or watch the news covering the latest incident of violence I shake my head in disgust. How is it possible fro a human being to visit insult and injury, cruelty and harm one another? I would never do that and I’m sure you think so to. We are decent law abiding citizens right?

Think again. We are all capable of cursing someone we disagree with or wishing harm to them. We have discovered through history and our own actions that we are willing to follow authority to the point of inflicting pain and suffering on another. How awful that it is so easy to be cruel, but there is a flip side to our nature.We are capable of deep compassion, tolerance and kindness to every human being.

When I hear someone spout anger and vitriol, it is a reminder to me to guard against such thinking. When I see an example of goodness, it is a remind me to do the same. The most important commandment is the golden rule. How we treat others is a measure of how we think we are treated by others.

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