Tuesday, August 17

Finally a Sensible View

I read this on Andrew Sullivan by Conor Friedersdorf under the heading "Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing". His remarks are addressed to Republican voters but everyone should heed his observation. It is sharpest comment not just on this whole stupid ground -zero mosque controversy but on the 3 ring circus that drives the media and politican's. He points out something many have suspected all along:

"If a new Congressman knows that he owes his election to populist wedge issues like the so-called Ground Zero mosque, is he going to propose tough spending cuts when he gets to Washington DC? Or is he going to become addicted to wedge issues, and never do the hard work of persuading voters that our current fiscal course is unsustainable? Too often we're electing precisely the politicians who are most adept at exploiting wedge issues."

I highly recomment it.

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