Sunday, August 8

Food Glorious Food

I was watching a rerun of 60 minutes and their profile of the revolutionary chef Jose Andreas who stated he wanted people to know that food is fun he wants to change the way Americans eat.
Good luck.

Jamie Oliver tried with his "Food Revolution" only to discover that children will eat chicken nuggets even after they know how horrible the ingredients are and that 7 year olds in this country are not taught how to eat using cutlery ( the incredulous look on his face is priceless). It's official, we are barbarians. If that doesn't convince you how about the numerous studies about obesity, the dangers of corn syrup and how American fast food restaurants are detested in the foreign countries they dare to invade. But this, this is the ultimate in poor taste I give you - pop tart sushi. I kid you not.

Bon appetit.

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