Tuesday, April 5

The Jazz Players

There is nothing better than getting it right on stage. When you, and your fellow actor hit all the beats, when the audience joins in, everything flows- man, it’s jazz. It’s better than a good meal or sex. It makes up for all the work of juggling schedules, hours of rehearsal, fretting about lines and the stress of tech week.

Life, I have come to the sad realization, is paid with dull tin coins but there are golden moments. Little treasures that are reward for daily toil; a good night’s sleep, being with friends, a cold beer. The sound of laughter from an audience is my favorite.

Actors are always asked “why do you act?” and the answer sounds as fatuous as the question “because I have to.” and it’s true. All artists feel that way. The joy of creating art makes the work of every day life bearable. It gives color to an otherwise beige world. It’s the dance between artist and viewer.

Never stop dancing.

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