Sunday, May 1

Where the Aristocrats Gather to Smirk at Us

Every year Washington has a Correspondent's dinner where all the politician's try to be celebrities and all the celebrities act like they have power. It's a cross between the Oscars party, a celebrity roast and a lobbyist wet dream. It spotlights the sheer audacity of the power elite.

There's Arianna Huffington, Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, three titans of media who supposedly despise each other, chatting out on the patio. Over there is Newt Ginrich who spends his time spewing vile about the democrats but has no trouble shmoozing with the liberal glitterati. Even Andrew Sullivan, who has expressed grave doubts about Journalists chumming up to the people they are supposed to be reporting on- why there he is with his husband. No conservative Republican is kicking this gay couple out, no siree.

So all the hateful partianship bickering is just a game of one upsmanship and name calling like players on the basketball court trash talking each other but afterwards go out for a beer at the nearby bar.

Fucking hypocrites.

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