Monday, April 2

We Are The Next Step in Evolution.

"There has been a threefold increase in autism diagnoses in California's Silicon Valley over the last decade. In Eindhoven, the hub for IT and technology in Holland, there are four times as many people with autism than in the general population. This suggests that evolution is actively selecting autistic genes because they are of substantial benefit to modern society"      - Michael Barton, author,scientist, autistic.

I rather suspected this myself recently. The increase in autism is still unknown as is the cause of the neurological condition. Maybe it is the latest evolutionary step in a society that favors logic over intuition, reason over emotionalism. Look how everyone is preoccupied with their cellphones, blackberries, ipods etc. too engrossed to engage others in conversation. We're way ahead of you on staying focused and obsessed on a subject.

If it had not been for my father's ultimately crippling my interest in math by "punishing " me for poor grades at it, I might have had a career as an engineer or astronomer. I certainly can see the preference for those vocations.

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