Tuesday, October 16

Talon Tales. A quick getaway.

Goodness it's been months since I posted from my novel. Here is the latest installment if anyone is till waiting. Sorry it took so long- real life interruptions and all. Our heroes have managed to avoid been sold and now hastily retreat from the palace just in time.

Toby and Zoe's Adventure.

We remained cautious as Daedelus lead the way out of the garden and through the maze of halls out of the palace. I tensed as we came to a pair of soldiers and a slim woman with gray hair in Hiron dress at the end of a hall. They gave a quick nod to Daedelus and joined us.  They fell in behind Toby and myself with the other guards in front of Daedelus. As we walked swiftly  everyone was hair trgger sensitive except Daedelus who moved with confidence.
Another noble accompanied and his own entourage appeared around a corner and Daedelus stopped suddenly, causing me to collide with him. The two men looked at each other in hostile recognization. Daedelus’ posture conveyed a balance between apprehension and coolness.
The other man stepped closer smiling, but it was the smile of a snake. He glanced at us with a barely veiled combination of disgust and envy. There was thick tension as the two bowed ever so slightly to the other.
“Lady Mirella what a surprise.” he said to the slim woman behind us, without the slightest hint of surprise.
“Lord Sagisaw.” she said with the same fectiousness. He turned to Daedelus. 
“Honored gentleman.” The man said his voice heavy with irony.
Qaish” Daedelus offered his outstretched palm in a gesture of greeting which the other man found amusing. Just as suddenly, like traffic at an intersection when the light changed, the two parties moved on in oppisite directions.
Daedelus did not ease up on his pace and given his long stride so the rest of us scurried to keep up with him. He stopped  when we reached the front plaza and the slim woman tried to get his attention but he aburptly gestured her to silence. We watched a division of soldiers hurry across the square to the palace entrance.
“That would be the start of the coup.” she said curtly. Daedelus’eyes flashed with anger. At a sharp wave of his hand we followed him through the gates and down a cobblestone street. 
Ten minutes later we entered a small house in the what appeared to be the better part of town. 
“This is Mirella, she will take you to safe haven, we’ll follow later.” Daedelus gestured to the woman who nodded. Everyone was rapidly removing their disguise. The guards removed massive and uncomfortable wigs. They shook their long hair out, tying it back with a simple leather strand. Kilts and robes were exhanged for shirts and hakamas.
“Here put these on. “ Mirella ordered, tossing shirts at us. I slipped the unadorned and bland garment over my regular clothes, pushing up the sleeves of my tee shirt to hide them. Toby hid under a dark full length shirt with a simple black sash wrapped around his big waist. All the old clothes and gear were stuffed into two burlap bags. A minute later we headed out the back door with two guards and Mirella. We strolled in a leisurely fashion down the street to a two story house set behind a short strudy wall. It was only when we were safely behind the door that our escorts breathed in relief.
“That was too close. “ Mirella laughed nervously. She noticed our frowns of confusion.
“You’ll understand when Daedelus returns. Please, make yourself comfortable.”

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