Friday, May 31

Orwellian Democracy

Our government has a deep fear of it’s own citizens. It wants to control everyone on the pretext of the War on Terror or the War on Drugs. Despite their pledge to protect and enrich our lives they don’t. Our President can have anyone arrested for any or no reason and hold them indefinitely . The feds can snoop into your mail, phone conversations and business with impunity. They go after non violent protesters engaged in lawful civil disobedience. Government officials who let power go to their heads routinely make pronouncemnets on your sex life and allow police depatments and private companies to use drones to spy on you and kill you.

And yet we claim to still live in a democracy. At this point that means “you can vote but it doesn’t rreally count for much and every else is decided by authroity now go out and shop. citizen.”

“Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”- Ben Frnaklin.

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