Tuesday, May 28

Dome Home on the Prarie

After looking at the utter destruction of Moore Oklahoma, I wondered why more people  don't have storm shelters in tornado alley. Apparently they cost a lot and because of the poor soil are prone to flooding. It occurred to me that there is a shape aboveground that can protect one from strong winds and by golly that other shoe has fallen.  It's called a monolithic dome structure. Let's build home that are suited to the local environment and climate. What a concept!

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Jennifer said...

-I was listening to KLCC and they were talking about storm shelters. There was someone on who installs them and says they start at about $2000 installed. Not too bad if you own your home. If you don't, then you're SOL??
-They also talked about one that sounded like a geodesic (spell-check didn't correct me, so I guess it's right) dome.