Friday, June 14

How Equality for Women Will Save the World

Humanity is evolving -with women. The men are not. The men I speak of cling desperately to an outdated patriarchy where they rule and women are submissive.  They hate women, they fear them out of the fear of being left behind as the next step in evolution happens. Women have been greatly enpowered in the last 30 years -particularly in this country- but some men are afraid of the advancement.

Pussy Riot, Malala Yousafzai, Mona Eltahawhy have expressed themselves in ways  women never have before. Women are tired of being treated like dirt.Tired of being treated as incubators for procreation or sex slaves for men’s primitive desires.Women are rising up in greater numbers- and in many countries- where women have traditionally been oppressed in a state of slavery. It’s about time.

In response medievel thinking drives men to violence to preserve their distorted sense of superiority. But by oppressing women they keep themselves and humanity from advancing.

When I was a teenager I was in the midst of the “women’s liberattion “ movement. I thought that men can’t be far behind in finding their new voice in the modern world. Instead the dread and anger towards women and homosexuals demonstrates how the conservative notions of masculinity are further entrenched in fear. Men wield power with brute strength rather than the intellect they so admire but use less and less.

Women got the right to vote in this country because they convinced men we had the right. Men agreed with the change. We made the change together. Men and women need each other, we are twins in nature. We are equal but different, yin and yang that dance together. We can not exist in separate states. It’s time the evolved men of the world show their brothers they can have their masculine identity without having to promote it with fear and oppression.

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