Tuesday, July 9

He Was Fine Until He Put His Foot In His Mouth

Orson Scot Card is a fine writer and  has a movie coming up based on his novel Ender's Game". I don't intend to see the movie not because of his notorious homophobia but because I found the book weird and unreadable for a number of reasons.

Still It amazes me how smart people can parrot ignorant ideas as if they were original and sincere.  Please don't boycott my movie, he says, I get that the whole same gender marriage argument is moot, but now those radical queers have to be tolerant and not be upset with me, his statement seems to say. After decades of discrimination and abuse, being denied basic legal rights and looked down as immoral, this guy has the gall to imply he and his fellow members of the tight ass club are the ones being persecuted.

Nice try.

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