Friday, August 2

I wrote about the difficulty of having a creative muse. The old one wasn't working out. But a new one has shown up. I had an idea for yet another novel kicking around in my head for some time and just before I went off on vacation it decided it was time to be written. I have been writing every day since. I used to compose in the morning and write in the evening but this one has shown me the advantage to writing in the morning as well.

"That's when your imagination is till percolating from the night's dreams so that's a good time to write." I nodded my head. good point.

"You can write for an hour or so and when you start fidgeting about the day's other activities you can stop to take a break and deal with those." again , a good point. I usually end up debating with a guilty mind what to do first every morning.

The other problem is the inner editor and critic getting into the act and spoiling the fun.  She has assured them their time will come. Every first draft is shit, as every writer comes to learn and she tells me to keep writing anyway.

"It can be fixed in post. " as they say in the movies biz. Where gaffs, bloopers, etc can be fixed in the editing process.

The new muse reminds me why I love to write. She keeps me on track, encourages my efforts, is fine when I take a break, offers me insight when I need it.

I like this one.

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