Friday, October 4

The Court Jester

The scandal to hit the last Miss America Pageant wasn’t on the stage but in the minds of those disappointed with multi- culturalism. Despite PC racism is still a persistent problem. Like a bad rash it just won’t go away.

It’s worse than that says the Court fool. The one voice in a medieval court who dared to speak the truth. This fool doles it out with scathing sarcasm.

But you don’t understand, the pageant is suppose to celebrate and glorify beautiful women. Women who are pure, wholesome and white. Multi-culturism is just a pretty word for minorities. If they would just sit down and shut up, we won’t have to confront our ugly distaste for people who are, you know- different. How dare these uppity foreigners think just because they were born and raised in this country they’re American. They’re not- look at her- dark skinned, a weird sounding name you can’t pronounce, it’s un-American.

We haven’t heard the last of the Jester and his jibes.

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