Thursday, December 11

Let's NOT have a kitschy holiday

I used to be big on Christmas. I loved finding the right presents, wrapping them in elegant paper to place under the tree. But times have changed, I’m running low on people I can shop for, paper is wastefully ripped through and I am not putting a dead tree in my living room. Sorry. Christmas is still good, I share it with friends of mutual affection, I love how christmas lights perk up the gloomy darkness and being an artist I still like to design my own cards and presents.

There is one big stinking blight on the holiday landscape. I am referring to the hideously tasteless inflatable decorations. Snowmen, Snowballs ( complete with blowing snow) and Santa's on motorcycle are bad enough, this years models are illuminated. Non denominational kitsch is to be expected I suppose, in support crass commercialism but I draw the line at the inflatable crèche. Jesus, Joseph and Mary help us. What’s next an illuminated inflatable menorah? Oh wait I have seen a hanukah balloon.

Let’s return to the real meaning of the winter holiday. From the pagan solstice, celebrating the return of the sun and daylight growing longer to the Christian celebration of another son. Let’s have a simple string of lights or candles in the window to brighten the inky gloom. Let’s have friends and family gather to dispel the cold and loneliness of long winter nights. Let’s have a good meal and presents to show our love and appreciation of one another.

Let’s also show some tasteful restraint to the outside world. I have asked my sister’s husband Chuck, who is an avid archer, to please, please take out the one of the those god awful inflatables in his neighbors yard with a flaming arrow. Now that would be a great display.

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