Wednesday, December 10

Man vs. Wild vs. Survivorman

Two of my favorite shows are “Man vs. Wild “ and “Survivorman” on the discovery channel. Both features ways to survive in the wildness. Bear Grylls is an attractive Englishman who tries his damnedest to kill himself with techniques that are patently dangerous. This often requires him to remove his clothes and jump into freezing water, mud, or swamps. I enjoy the nudity but fear for one or more of his body parts getting broken in the process or devoured by some unseen creature.

Les Stroud of “Survivorman” is an amiable, guitar playing Canadian who is patience and skillful at living off the land but is the very definition of lousy hunter. He would flunk Indian Scout school due to starvation. Bear on the other hand, is not afraid to kill animals and will eat anything- his military training has done him good.

Bear gives the impression he is roughing it but it turns out he and the crew were sneaking off to a hotel when night fell. Les really is alone as he often grumbles about hauling camera equipment along on his treks.

God I really would love to see these two guys get together. Bear can’t build a raft worth a dam. In one show he had to thrash back to shore when one of his half baked creations sank. Les, however is inventive- making a fish hook from a glass hook or a pop can tab. I say put the both ot them out in the middle of nowhere and have a crew stalk them at a discreet distance and see what happens.

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