Sunday, January 31

I stand corrected. . . now I'll sit down

I wrote about a recent class in aikido class and with this retort learned the real meaning of building sand castles.

"Everyday, you build a sandcastle that is washed away with the tide. The next day, you must build it again. And it will be more grand than ever before. You cannot try to preserve the castle for it will dry out, crumble, and no longer be what you originally had. You must allow what you learned from the building of that sandcastle to remain with you, but let go of the castle itself.

The next day upon your beach venture, you will be able to build a much more beautiful castle than you ever could before.

Aikido is the perfect example of this castle. What you have learned you can take away with you, but the showing of that skill cannot be preserved or recreated. Everyday, you have a new empty beach on which your castle can be built. Without that clean mindset, you castle cannot be as unique and one of a kind."

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