Friday, February 26

Big Brother is Here

Speaking of spying if you think our government isn't watching you, think again. Authorities are already spying on your kids, following you with your cell phone and tracking where you go on the internet. For instance, meet doubleclick:

"DoubleClick is often linked with the controversy over spyware because browser HTTP cookies are set to track users as they travel from website to website and record what commercial advertisements they view and select while browsing.[6] DoubleClick is considered to be malware by several commercial organizations (Adaware, Symantec, Spybot) which detect it and provide the tools to block/remove it.

DoubleClick has also been criticized for misleading users by offering an opt-out option that is insufficiently effective. According to a San Francisco IT consulting group, although the opt-out option affects cookies, DoubleClick does not allow users to opt out of IP address-based tracking."

That's right and if you think, "well I'm not doing anything wrong it doesn't matter." It does matter because you no longer have the most precious thing a citizen can have- freedom.

By the way Double click was bought by Google which owns this blogware but I'm sure they're not tracking me because they have vowed "to do no evil." Be sure to wave to their camera car taking a picture of your house for their maps application when you leave the house.

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