Tuesday, March 2

The future of America

The past greatness of America productivity is over. We no longer lead the world in heavy manufacturing. We don’t produce the cars, fabric, or steel like we used to. Those industries were shipped overseas decades ago. America will be known for three thing: higher education, superior medical treatment and the vacation destination.

Jonathan Cole from Columbia University and author of “The Great American University” argues that universities need to be protected because they are the best resource we have. Indeed 17 of the top 20 universities in the world are here.

Medical treatment. We already have the best medicine money can buy. Not all of it is available to Americans but if you are a Saudi getting chemotherapy, a Japanese gangster in need of a liver transplant or a Russian Prime Minister with heart problems; this is the place for treatment if you have the financial resources.

Vacation destination. We have an abundance of national parks, reserves and open land that have not been exploited or overrun with development. The US provides a variety of natural wonders that are accessible to people like no where else. Throw in theme parks, tourist attractions and Las Vegas and we have a potent mix of reasons for people in over crowded and polluted countries to come here.

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