Monday, February 22

The holy Fraternity

The Catholic Church is in big trouble. They have violated the trust of Christians with their attempt to cover up evidence of decades of molestation and protect the perpetrators.

Covering up is not new. Police, military, gangs, sport teams and other groups have engaged in protection of what I call “the holy fraternity”. What ever group they belong to, the most important rule, above all others, is the protection of the fraternity.

I’m sure there are many studies describing the reasons and dynamics of such social behavior but suffice to point out that the church is doing the same in this matter. The rule assures it’s members that self protection is more important than the protection of the people it serves.

If you are in the police force, it doesn’t matter if your fellow officer has committed some heinous crime. Even if it were something the force would do everything in it’s power to enforce if it were someone, the brother hood must stick together. Too often defenders of the holy fraternity insist that policy and procedures were followed or a thorough investigation has showed no fault. The rest of us know this is a lie.

The problem with this code is that it holds the ego above altruistic duty. It needs to hold its own accountable to the standards it expects from others. If a holy fraternity wishes to maintain trust with those it serves, it must yield to the same laws.

So the church needs to atone for the sins, punish those who committed them and change the culture that allowed such actions to happen.

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