Wednesday, February 24

Olympic Fever? More like Olympic Headache

I tried watching the Olympics this week, really I did but NBC has made the experience unbearable. Cutesy stories that have nothing to do with the sports, reportage of anything and everyone American to the exclusion of other competitors including um, the winners. Scores and stats of events flashed across the screen for two seconds so I have no idea what the hell is going on, time delay for west coast viewers hours after the event even though we're in the same fucking time zone as the Olympics- can you say spoiler? The list goes on and on. As this NPR story so clearly points out NBC's coverage sucks.

I'm not a big sports fan but these are the best in the world and they only get to compete with their peers every four years so I love to watch them do their thing better than the rest of us mere mortals. The least the network numb nuts could do is let us see as much of the games as possible without all the flash and fluff. This may come as a surprise but this is a world wide event, could the TV network try to focus on that maybe.

The opening ceremony was cool ( despite the torch thingy glitch) and I'm sure the closing ceremony will be awesome too and we can vicariously join in the fun and thrills the athletes must be enjoying. At least then we'll see all the athletes. sheesh.

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