Wednesday, January 4

New Year coming attractions.

Ok so I thought I was done with this blog stuff but it turned out I was just dry for a while. All I needed was adventure so I had something to write about because, I don't know about you, but I could give a shit about the mundane activities of every day life, mine or others. Yawn.

So I had a couple interesting things happen and as this a new year, a year I believe will involve change for many of us, let's get started.

First I took a play writing class and despite my inability to grasp the subtle nature of subplot, I did pretty well. I managed to write a ten minute play about a professional "hitter" who goes to a psychologist. It was actually funny.

Just last week I got back from a another trip to my favorite city- San Francisco. Lots to relate there so stay tuned for posts on that.

I  may threaten to go away but like a bad rash I always return, only I'm more enjoyable.

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