Friday, January 6

San Francisco Here I Come Again

I finally got a chance to get away so I went to my favorite place- San Francisco by train. I was met by a friend who graciously let me stay a her place despite having one son move out and a new boyfriend move in the same weekend. I didn’t care I was out of dreary, fogged in Eugene. Since it was so beautiful we decided to check out Golden Gate Park and the conservatory. The joy of walking around in a warm lush environment  can not be overstated. My friend B spent most of the time taking photos and texting with my brother back in Pennsylvania. It was virtual vacationing with a family member. Both she and the beau are addictive iPhone users. I was half tempted to hid them and watch them freak out from with drawl.

I lived in SF years ago so I was still vaguely familiar with the urban landscape. The next day I decided on a trip to Cost Plus which I remembered from my youth.  I used to take the cable car which terminated about a block away. This used to be a laid back affair. I jumped on using my bus transfer at Powell street and watch at all the tourist oh and ah the ancient technology. At the end some of us would help turn the car around on it’s turntable.

The first shock was the cable car fare is six bucks-one way. Forget that-nostalgia isn't worth it. There was still a bus route that got me there. After walking  in thickening fog I discovered that the funk old brick building the store was in had been replaced with a new one  that looked just like the one in Eugene. I walked about in quiet disappointment, I guess I was really hoped for was a trip to my past. It's true, you can't do go back.

I took the streetcar back- what most would refer to as a trolley. The driver was a large black guy with dread locks. I was tired from walking but the car stayed put because the back door wouldn’t close. The driver recommended the underground line. After much debate about which direction to go I got off at Church and emerging on Market street  and what do I see? The same streetcar crossing the intersection. The driver and I pointed to each other in recognition. Riding on Muni can be an adventure.

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