Tuesday, October 1

I'm a Bit Pre Occupied Right Now

Writing is easy: just sit at a typewriter and bleed. -Hemingway

A cartoonist is someone who does the same thing over and over but never repeats himself.- Charles Schultz

That pretty much sums up the last couple of months for me. When I’m not on a hot streak where the words pour out of me, I’m  squeezing as hard as I can to get anything out because of mental constipation. Hey, if you think this is easy, you try it pal. 

Thus I have been neglecting the blog as well. I switched over to the dvorak keyboard recently and it has slowed down my writing while I get used to it. It must be the change in the weather, the alignment of the stars, or the drinking but my brain has been sluggish.

Ironically my novel stays in my frontal lob piecing itself together bit by bit with little effort from my (conscious) self. Creativity is a strange thing.

The world is an even stranger place where even The Onion can’t keep up with the insanity. Let’s see the government has shut down because of the petty tantrums of wealthy powerful people blaming the other for being pig headed, scientists sadly conclude that humans are responsible for the climate change while the deniers still think the earth is flat and Iran and Russia are negotiating for peace in the middle east. WTF!!?

The old phrase “why can’t we all get along “ has been drowned out by the gunfire from fanatics demanding to get their way with intolerance on a breath taking scale. Here’s a thought experiment: whenever these extremists tout revolution ask them this- what will you do when the revolution is over? What will the world look like and what makes you think it will last? 

Bring chaos to the world, deny the physical reality around you and dream of an utopia that doesn’t account for human behavior and we’re all doomed.

Me, I’m going back to my writing. It’s safer and the world of imagination is easier to understand.

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